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  • The EX4600 Ethernet Switch offers a compact, highly scalable, high-performance 10GbE solution for enterprise campus distribution deployments as well as low-density data center top-of-rack environments.
  • Designed to help organizations grow into higher density campuses, the EX4600 provides deployment flexibility, high availability using unified in-service software upgrades (unified ISSU), and management simplification with support for multichassis link aggregation (MC-LAG). The highly flexible, high-density EX4600 supports up to 40 1GbE ports, 72 10GbE ports, or 12 40GbE ports through installable modules, delivering 1.44 Tbps of Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity in a single rack unit.
  • The EX4600 also supports Juniper's Virtual Chassis technology, which allows up to 10 interconnected EX4600 and EX4300 switches to operate as a single logical device.

Features and Benefts

  • High performance: Each EX4600 supports up to 1.44 Tbps of bandwidth or 1.07 Bpps at the minimum Ethernet frame size, with 24 line-rate 10GbE fxed ports, 4 40GbE fxed ports, and 2 expansion slots that can each support either a 4x40GbE module or an 8x10GbE module.
  • Unifed in-service sofware upgrade (unifed ISSU): With its Intel core processor, the EX4600 switch allows Junos OS to run within a virtual machine (VM) on Linux. Junos OS runs in two separate VMs in actve and standby pairs; during sofware upgrade cycles, the switches seamlessly move to the newer sofware version while maintaining intact data plane trafc. This true topology-independent ISSU (TISSU), an industry-frst sofware upgrade feature for a fxed-confguraton top-of-rack switch, is supported across all L2 and L3 protocols and doesn’t need the support of any other switches to perform an image upgrade.
  • High availability: EX4600 switches ofer dual internal load-sharing AC power supplies and redundant variable-speed fans as standard features, protectng the switch from a single power supply or fan failure. DC power optons are also available.
  • Automaton: The EX4600 switches support a number of features for network automaton and plug-and-play operatons. Features include zero touch provisioning (ZTP), operatons and event scripts, automatc rollback, and Python scriptng. The switch also ofers support for integraton with VMware NSX Layer 2 Gateway Services, Puppet, and OpenStack.
  • Energy efcient: Consuming less than fve wats per 10GbE interface, the EX4600 ofers a low power soluton for 10GbE top-of-rack, end-of-row, and distributon deployments. The EX4600 switches also improve cooling efciency with redundant variable-speed fans that automatcally adjust their speed based on existng conditons to reduce power consumpton.
  • Small footprint: The EX4600 supports up to 72 wire-speed 10GbE ports in a single 1 U platform.
  • Flexible forwarding table: The EX4600’s fexible forwarding table allows the hardware table to be carved into confgurable parttons of L2 media access control (MAC), L3 host, and longest prefx match (LPM) tables.In a pure Layer 2 environment, the EX4600 supports up to 288,000 MAC addresses. In Layer 3 mode, the table can support up to 128,000 host entries; in LPM mode, it can support up to 128,000 prefxes. Junos OS provides confgurable optons through a CLI so that each EX4600 can be optmized for diferent deployment scenarios.
  • Intelligent bufer management: EX4600 switches have a total of 12 MB shared bufers. While 25 percent of the total bufer space is dedicated, the rest is shared among all ports and is user confgurable. The intelligent bufer mechanism in the EX4600 efectvely absorbs trafc bursts while providing deterministc performance, signifcantly increasing performance over statc allocaton.
  • Insight technology for analytcs: The EX4600 provides dynamic bufer utlizaton monitoring and reportng with an interval of 10 milliseconds to provide microburst and latency insight. It calculates both queue depth and latency, and logs messages when confgured thresholds are crossed. Interface trafc statstcs can be monitored at two-second granularity. The data can be viewed via CLI, system log, or streamed to external servers for more analysis. Supported reportng formats include Java Script Object Notfcaton (JSON), comma-separated values (CSV), and tab-separated values (TSV). These fles can be consumed by orchestraton systems, SDN controllers, or network management applicatons (such as Juniper Networks Junos Space Network Director) to make beter network design decisions and identfy network hotspots.
  • MPLS: EX4600 switches support a broad set of MPLS features, including L2VPN, L3VPN, IPv6 provider edge router (6PE), RSVP trafc engineering, and LDP to allow standards-based network segmentaton and virtualizaton. The EX4600 can be deployed as a low-latency MPLS label-switching router (LSR) or MPLS provider edge (PE) router in smaller scale environments. The EX4600 is the industry’s only compact, low-latency, high-density, low-power switch to ofer an MPLS feature set.
  • MACsec: The EX4600 is capable of MACsec features on all 10GbE ports to support 400 Gbps of near line-rate hardware-based trafc encrypton on all fber ports, including the base unit and optonal 10GbE expansion modules. MACsec in sofware will be enabled in a future release.


  • Switching capacity: 1.44 Tbps/1.07 Bpps
  • Weight: 21.7 lb (9.84 kg) with PSUs and fans installed
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.72 x17.36 x 20.48 in (4.37 x 44.09 x 52.02 cm)
  • Switching mode: Cut-through and store-and-forward
  • Front-to-back or back-to-front airfow (for hot aisle/cold aisle deployment)
  • Management and rear console port connectons
  • Predicted mean tme between failures (MTBF): 150,000 hours
  • Predicted FIT rate: 4,987

Interface Options

  • 1GbE SFP: 24(40) (with 10GbE expansion modules)
  • 10GbE SFP+: 24(40/72) (with 10GbE expansion modules/with fxed 40GbE ports using breakout cables)
  • 40GbE QSFP+: 4(12) (with expansion modules)
    • Each fxed QSFP+ port can be confgured as a 4x10GbE interface
    • Each QSFP+ port can be confgured as a 40 Gbps port
    • USB port
    • Console port
    • 2 management ports: 1 RJ-45 and 1 SFP
    • Supported transceiver and direct atach cable
    • SFP+ 10GbE optcal modules
    • SFP+ DAC cables: 1/3/5 m direct-atached copper and 1/3/5/7/10 m actve direct-atached copper
    • SFP GbE optcal and copper module
    • QSFP+ to SFP+ 10GbE direct atach break-out copper (1/3 m direct-atached copper cable)

Rack Installaton Kit

  • Versatle four post mountng optons for 19-in server rack or datacom rack


  • Front-to-back and back-to-front cooling
  • Redundant variable-speed fans to reduce power draw
  • Power Supply and Fan Modules
  • Dual redundant (1+1) and hot-pluggable power supplies
  • 10-240 V single phase AC power
  • 36 to -72 V DC power
  • Redundant (N+1) and hot-pluggable fan modules for front-to-back and back-to-front airfow
  • Performance Scale (Unidimensional)
  • MAC addresses per system: 288,000
  • VLAN IDs: 4,091
  • Number of LAGs: 128
  • Number of ports per LAG: 32
  • FCoE scale:
  • Number of FCoE VLANs/FC virtual fabrics: 4,095
  • Firewall flters: 4,000
  • IPv4 unicast routes: 128,000 prefxes; 208,000 host routes; 64 ECMP paths
  • IPv4 multcast routes: 104,000
  • IPv6 multcast routes: 52,000
  • IPv6 unicast routes: 64,000 prefxes
  • Address Resoluton Protocol (ARP) entries: 48,000
  • Jumbo frame: 9,216 bytes

Access Control Lists (ACLs)

  • Port-based ACL (PACL): Ingress and egress
  • VLAN-based ACL (VACL): Ingress and egress
  • Router-based ACL (RACL): Ingress and egress
  • ACL entries (ACE) in hardware per system:
    • Ingress ACL: 1,536
    • Egress ACL: 1,024 
  • ACL counter for denied packets
  • ACL counter for permited packets
  • Ability to add/remove/change ACL entries in middle of list (ACL editng)
  • L2-L4 ACL 
  • IPv6 ACL
  • Firewall flter on loopback interface
  • Firewall flter on management interface

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

  • Multple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) instances: 64
  • VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol (VSTP) instances: 253

Trafc Mirroring

  • Mirroring destnaton ports per switch: 4
  • Maximum number of mirroring sessions: 4
  • Mirroring destnaton VLANs per switch: 4 
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