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  • EX4300 1 Gigabit Ethernet (1GbE) switches are compact, fixed-configuration platforms that can be deployed as standalone systems or as part of a Virtual Chassis, Virtual Chassis Fabric, or Junos Fusion switching architecture, satisfying a variety of high-performance campus and data center access needs.
  • Virtual Chassis technology enables any combination of up to 10 EX4300 and EX4600 switches to be interconnected as a single logical device, delivering a highly scalable, cost-effective solution for 1GbE or mixed 1GbE/10GbE/40GbE environments.
  • The EX4300 can also be used in a QFX5100-based Virtual Chassis Fabric switching architecture, which enables up to 20 interconnected EX4300, QFX3500, QFX3600, and QFX5100 switches to operate as a low-latency, high-performance 1GbE/10GbE/40GbE data center fabric that is managed as a single device.
  • Additionally, the EX4300 can be deployed as satellite device in a Junos Fusion Enterprise or Junos Fusion Data Center fabric, which enables up to 128 access switches to be managed as a single logical device.
  • The EX4300 line features 24 and 48-port 10/100/1000BASE-T models and a 32-port 100BASE-FX/1000BASE-X SFP model. On the fiber-based switches, four fixed front-panel uplink ports accommodate 1GbE or 10GbE optics for high-speed backbone or link aggregation connections. The four 40GBASE quad small form-factor pluggable plus transceiver (QSFP+) ports available on each model can also be used for high-speed backbone or link aggregation connections. Power over Ethernet (PoE)-enabled EX4300 models offer standards-based 802.3at PoE+, delivering up to 30 watts on all ports for supporting high-density IP telephony, surveillance camera, or wireless access point deployments.

Physical Specifications

  • Backplane: 320 Gbps Virtual Chassis interconnect to combine up to 10 units as a signle logical device
  • Uplink Module Options
    • EX4300-32F/EX4300-32F-DC: 8-port dual-mode 
    • 10GbE/1GbE module with pluggable SFP+/SFP optcs
    • EX4300-32F/EX4300-32F-DC: 2-port dual-mode 40GbE module with pluggable QSFP+ optcs
    • EX4300-48MP: 4-port dual-mode 10GbE/1GbE module with pluggable SFP+/SFP optcs or 2-port QSFP+/1-port QSFP28 module
    • Others: 4-port dual-mode 10GbE/1GbE module with pluggable SFP+/SFP optics
  • Power Options
    • Power supplies: Autosensing; 100-120 V/200-240 V; AC 350 W AFO, 350 W AFI, 715 W AFO, and 1100 W AFO dual load-sharing hot-swappable internal redundant power supplies
    • Maximum current inrush: 50 amps
    • EX4300-48MP: 100-120 V/200-240 V; AC 715 W AFO, 1100 W AFO, 1400 W AFO dual load-sharing hot-swappable internal redundant power supplies
    • DC power supply: 550 W DC AFO and 550 W DC AFI; input voltage range 43.5-60V max (+/- 0.5 V); dual input feed, dual load-sharing hot-swappable internal redundant power supplies
    • Minimum number of PSUs required for fully loaded chassis: 1 per switch

Hardware Specifications

  • Switching Engine Model: Store and forward
  • Memory:
    •  DRAM: 8 GB with Error Correctng Code (ECC) on EX4300-48MP, 4 GB with ECC on EX4300-32F and EX4300-32F-DC; 2 GB with ECC on all other EX4300 switches
    • Flash: 64 GB on EX4300-48MP, 4 GB on EX4300-32F and EX4300-32F-DC; 2 GB on all other EX4300 switches
  • CPU:
    • EX4300-48MP: 2.2 GHz Dual-Core Intel Broadwell CPU
    • Other EX4300s: 1.5 GHz Dual-Core PowerPC CPU
  • GbE Port Density per System
    • 24P/24T: 32 (24 host ports + four 40GbE ports + optonal four-port 1/10GbE uplink module)
    • 32F: 46 (32 host ports + four 10GbE ports + two 40GbE ports + optonal eight-port 1/10GbE uplink module or two-port 40GbE uplink module)
    • 48P/48T/48MP: 56 (48 host ports + four 40GbE ports + optonal four-port 1/10GbE uplink module)
    • 10GbE port density per system:
        - 32F: 4 (fxed) + 8 (uplink module) 
        - 48MP: 24 (fxed) = 4 (uplink module)
        - All others: 4 (uplink module)
    • 40GbE port density per system:
        - 32F: 2 (fxed) + 2 (uplink module)
        - 48MP: 4 (fxed) + 2 (uplink module)
        - All others: 4 (fxed)
    • 100GbE port density per system:
        - 48MP: 1 (uplink module)
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